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About the Author –

Mr. Hitesh Arjaria, Working as Senior Manager in IT MNC, having experience over a decade. In his early life he was a brilliant child belonged to a spiritual family. He completed is Bachelor of Engineering from Government Engineering College, Jabalpur in the year 2010. Along with studies, he used to support his family business.

After leaving a top IT company’s high-paying job, in his early career, he started running an IT firm. He has provided IT solutions and services to many small/medium scale businesses. He has trained moreover ten thousand engineering students & professional. He also has conducted hundreds of training programs, workshops and seminars through out his career as a trainer which includes Programming, Android app development, DBMS, Networking, Cloud computing, ML, and other IT related courses.

Later, he joined osho amritdham and became osho ‘Sanyassins’. He meditated for many years and attained the ‘Satori’. The day on 17/11/19, when he attained this awakening, he decided to start giving initiation of meditation to the other people and hence started the movement of “Samagrapanth” also be called “Samagrawadi Vichardhara”. So far, he has many followers and people, who have received ‘Meditataional-Initiation’ (also known as Shaktipaat) from him.

He is a Social worker, Political activist, Motivational speaker, and Family consultant. He has worked with number of families, groups and people. He is also a philosopher, writer and blogger. His main philosophy ‘Samagrawad’ (can be called as Holism) is inspired by Advait Mimansa, Taoism and Osho consciousness. The love and acceptance for entire existence is the core of his Samagrawad.

He is continuously working with his Holistic approach towards life. He enjoys working with different people and in multiple dimensions rather than just money making. He loves people around him and helps anybody who is in need. He has developed many meditation techniques. His books are lined for release and coming soon in the market. In his own words “I am available for 24*7 if you need any consultation and help … and never busy for good people.”